Monday, March 7, 2011

OK Stephen, what's with the Twitter picture?

OK everyone, a new week is underway! Those of you that use Twitter may have noticed something on top of my face in my Twitter picture. What is it? "The Thank You Economy" -- that's what! What's that you ask? Gary Vaynerchuk's latest masterpiece which will be released TOMORROW (Tuesday 3/8/11). There's no downline structure involved in getting this book, so there's no commissions or incentive for getting others to get the book, but that doesn't matter. I 100% recommend this book. Go to your favorite book store or book store website, read the info about the book, and order "The Thank You Economy" NOW (yes, you can pre-order if it's still Monday)! You'll thank me.

Oh, when you place your order, go here to get "Thank You Economy" embedded in your Twitter picture like I did (aka get a Twibbon)!

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  1. You could become an Amazon Affiliate. I've made a few pounds recommending Rachel Byrne's The Secret on my Amazon link.