Sunday, October 30, 2011

Coming Tuesday: KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!

I hope everyone gets their fill of Halloween/Costumes/Candy/Trick or Treating on Monday because in November, project "KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN" starts. "What's this about?" is a very popular question I'm getting lately, so here's whats going on:

1. It starts Tuesday November 1st (hopefully -- one dependency, so I'll keep you updated)
2. Three major components
a) A new CTP badge I've ordered (it should be a hoot)
b) A new CTP Friends Volume 5 Splash Page that will be released Tuesday
c) How to claim the badge code (see below)

Claiming the badge code will be tricky. This is the one part I'm not sharing information about in advance. You'll enjoy the surprise, I promise. All I'm saying is "KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN".

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