Tuesday, February 22, 2011


For those who wonder what the difference between being CTP certified and CTP Expert certified, think of it as going a layer deeper into the onion (minus the crying, I think). By following some easy steps, you get set up for five more traffic exchanges and then you get to surf to earn a total of 1,000 hits for each of the TEN sites (remember, we started with 100 hits each for the first five for part of CTP certification, so hopefully you've still been accumulating hits and are well on the way to 1,000 already for those five).

While this is a great next step towards certification, I sincerely hope that some usage of Traffic Wave follows all of this surfing. The CTP folks should remember that a lot of new folks are on a trial basis with Traffic Wave and hope to see some bang for their buck before they start actually paying for it. Just me thinking aloud late at night.

Anyways, looking forward to being CTP Expert certified ASAP. If you're not on board with CTP, join here! http://trckrs.com/30615/ You'll need to be patient as you'll first follow the CTP certification steps before you can follow the CTP Expert Certification steps.

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  1. 1000 hits are too much for some new folks. Traffic wave trial will end before some one can accumulate 1000 hits for each T.E. At starting stage lot of new-bees are working as Free Member and in need of some money to keep running and upgrading their tools. I hope folks at Click Traffic Profit will think about this and create some way to keep live the new ones.